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South America Tours

What we liked most about the tour was how well organized it was, lots of variety, and we saw a large area of the countries.
— K.R. – Victoria, BC to Peru
It was like four tours in one – Peru, Ecuador highlands, Amazon Basin and Galapagos Islands. Each area is so different and special.
— R.L. – Quebec to Peru

Kenya Tours

Our tour guide and driver made an amazing tour extraordinary. His knowledge of the animals, birds, customs , people skills and driving skills were exceptional. Overall the tour far exceeded our expectations in what we saw, food, accommodations and tour guides.
— I.E. – Vancouver, BC to Kenya
The guide we had in Kenya was very personable, patient, had a good sense of humor, knew exactly where to stop to take the best pictures. He asked us if we were ready to continue, before driving on. He made sure he knew each of us by name.
— D.S. – Trip to Kenya, 2015
Overall the tour far exceeded our expectations in what we saw, food, accommodations and tour guides.
— F.J. – Trip to Kenya, 2014
(We liked) Our wonderful driver/guide David. We loved the variety of areas covered and the variety of animals we saw. The accommodations and pacing of the tour were excellent.
— N.B. – Victoria, BC to Kenya, August 31, 2017
Thanks so much Julie for this amazing trip…… You sure did give me an adventure. I will remember it always.
— S.S. – Toronto, ON to Kenya, 2015
This was our second trip with Royal Heights. We appreciate the personal approach to ensuring that everyone thoroughly enjoys their vacation and has a great experience. Julie is a pleasure to deal with as were our drivers Dave and Banda. Amazing trip that checked everything off of our list of must-sees. Thanks for a wonderful trip and we look forward to traveling with Royal Heights again!
— D.G. – Port Coquitlam, BC to Kenya, Jan 05
Excellent – would rate the tour as excellent. Great itinerary. Great guides and drivers, all friendly and knowledgeable. Great other members of the tour. Good food, good selection.
— D.G. – Vancouver BC to Kenya, Oct 2018
The drivers/guides were knowledgeable and shared our interest and excitement in viewing the wildlife. The accommodations were excellent and unique. To see the animals up close and personal was truly amazing
— S.T. – Vancouver, BC to Kenya, Oct 2018

Italy Tours

I thoroughly enjoyed my trip with you and am very thankful for having had such a great time and learning so many things.
— J.D. Victoria, BC to Italy
I really liked the ancient Greek and Roman sites we visited and also Capri. Pompeii and Etna were fascinating.
— S.M. – Victoria, BC to Italy
I loved that we saw so many wonderful, ancient sites and fabulous scenery!
— H.F. – Vancouver, BC to Italy
Best thing about the tour: We saw so very much more with you than we could ever have done on our own. I appreciated the fact that I always felt that we were “safe” and in well organized and caring hands.
— D.S. – Victoria, BC to Italy

India Tours

I enjoyed traveling in both North and south India and not just the tourist “highlights” which are visited by all visitors.
— L.B. – Vancouver, BC to India
Thank you for a most wonderful trip!! Can’t say enough about your tour and India! What a wonderful country. And the people– so friendly and humble and welcoming.
— C.L. – British Columbia to India
I loved the old Hindu and Buddhist caves ,old Hindu temples…travel on the Ganges River, visiting Gandhi’s museum, visiting old castles and forts and of course the Taj …..also Julie was full of fun and information about the culture and history of India.
— M.H. – Vancouver, BC to India
The tour was impeccably organized. We could never have covered so much ground on our own in so short a time. It truly gave us a taste of India. I like the fact that your company is family run and that our fellow tour members were from home.
— D.S. – Richmond, BC to India

Iceland Tours

Our guide made us aware of the unique history of Iceland, and we left with a good understanding of the people, their deep connection to the land, and the importance of their “sagas”. His depth of knowledge and sense of humour added much to our experience of this beautiful country.
— D.S. – Victoria, BC to Iceland
As the whole “idea” of Iceland has always intrigued me, this tour provided a nice balance of history, nature, science and current affairs. Really enjoyed it all.
— M.B. – Vancouver, BC to Iceland

Greece Tours

What we liked best of the tour was the variety of Greek islands represented [Cyclades, Santorini and Crete] ending with a tour of Athens. The guides in Paros, Santorini, Knossos, Chania and Athens were superb.
— J.H. – Victoria, BC to Greece
Highlights include the time spent on Delos and Crete, observing the Venetian influence on the islands we visited, wandering the lanes of Parikia under the blue sky of Greece looking at the whitewashed buildings and the red bouganvillea, also the Acropolis was a wonder to behold. I also liked that we stayed in each location three or four nights.
— A.D. – North Vancouver, BC to Greece
This tour was a wonderful introduction to the history, scenery and people of this delightful part of the world. Each island was special in its own way and this was enhanced by not only the local guides but also by our tour leaders who looked after our welfare and ensured our enjoyment of each experience.
— S.C. – Victoria, BC to Greece
I liked the fact that it was unrushed – only a couple of early starts. I liked the variety of the islands and the experiences we had.
— A.A. – Victoria, BC to Greece

Egypt Tours

I liked the small group and unhurried itinerary. I also appreciated the optional activities offered and the adequate time to enjoy these. The local guides were terrific – extremely knowledgeable, thoughtful and considerate. Norman was also a huge source of information and very helpful with suggestions about optional activities.”
— D.H. – Vancouver BC to Egypt, March 2018
The sites and activities were wonderful but what made it most special were the tour guides, Waleed and Norman – who were so informative, flexible and attentive to every detail.
— J.S. – Victoria, BC to Egypt, February 2017
The tour was well organized and very well designed to maximize the iconic attractions of Egypt in such a way we were not overwhelmed or exhausted. This was due to the tour operator and the excellent Egyptian guide being sensitive to the group’s needs. For example, we switched around one day’s itinerary with the next because of back-to-back early starts. This cost us nothing in terms of lost visits but allowed us all to be well-rested and eager to continue. It was fun, safe and very, very educational!
— D.W. – Quebec to Egypt, March 2017
Thanks to Norman and Waleed for an exceptionally well-organized tour. In two weeks, we could never have seen or done, on our own, all the wonderful things Egypt has to offer. There was a good balance between activity and rest. I loved cruising the Nile, riding the camels, and hot air ballooning. Most of all, I was spellbound by the splendor of the Pyramids and Temples.
— P.M. – Victoria BC to Egypt, March 2017

Cuba Tours

We got to see so much of the Island of Cuba and visited most of the major cities. Also Carlos was an excellent guide and gave us so much information on all the places we visited and also gave us a lot of interesting information about the people of Cuba and how their medical, employment, educational and political systems work. Fascinating!
— G.W. – Victoria, BC to Cuba
I enjoyed the fact this wasn’t a beach holiday. We toured the length of Cuba and learned so much about it’s history and current way of life.
— D.Y. – Victoria, BC to Cuba
The Tour Leaders instilled a sense of camaraderie amongst all of the participants while sharing lots of information about the culture of Cuba. We learned a lot. We also enjoyed trying the various modes of transportation i.e bicycle rickshaw, old cars, local boats. The Salsa Dance lesson was great.
— S.H. – Ontario to Cuba

Asia Tours

Everything was well planned out, allowing us to see more than we possibly could on our own in the same amount of time. Since the majority of stops were for 2 or 3 nights, the pace felt relaxed. There were so many sightseeing highlights on this trip, but if I had to pick one, it would be the time spent at Inle Lake.
— D.S. – Vancouver, BC to Burma
I liked the variety–visiting remote villages, travelling by boat and air and then spending some time in “upscale” hotels!
— G.P. – Ladysmith, BC to Burma
It was an authentic experience of a slowly vanishing way of life, such as the nomadic lifestyle. It was a joy and a privilege to meet the Mongolian people and be touched by the lives of a few of the nomadic families we met. There are no words to describe the feeling of being in such a beautiful and vast land with so few people nearby — it has to be experienced!
— M.S. – Victoria, BC to Mongolia, September 2016

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    Our guide made us aware of the unique history of Iceland, and we left with a good understanding of the people, their deep connection to the land, and the importance of their “sagas”. His depth of knowledge and sense of humour added much to our experience of this beautiful country.

    D.S. – Victoria, BC to Iceland

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